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Our beautiful studio in Manhasset offers Physical Therapy and Personal Training sessions. Online using the ZOOM platform, we offer fantastic group classes, and also online Physical Therapy and Personal Training. Whether you are an Octogenerian or a tween, (or anywhere in between) weekend warrior or a dedicated athlete, and /or a person seeking help for an injury, we have the skills to have you on the road to achieve your personal best.

What separates us from other establishments is our level of expertise. We combine our science backgrounds and in-depth understanding of the musculoskeletal system enabling us to approach each client holistically and provide accurate, current advice using your time effectively to get the best results for YOU!  Also, we aim to make you feel comfortable from day 1 with our warm, welcoming and joyful approach. We believe that our positive studio atmosphere plays a vital role in your success.

Our therapeutic exercise based programs will help with acute or chronic injuries. We focus on movement based treatment techniques and pain science evidence with the goal being to get you up and going as quickly as possible without risk of re-injury or of return to maladaptive movement habits/patterns. We accept medicare Part B for Physical Therapy and are an out-of-network provider for commercial health insurance. 

Our equipment includes 6 GYROTONIC® towers and all 4 specialized equipment pieces, the Jumping-Stretching Board, the GYROTONER®, the ARCHWAY™, and the Leg Extension Unit.
Our Manhasset location is 57 Hillside Avenue, Manhasset, on the lower Level. We are one minute's walk from the Manhasset station of the LIRR. Street parking is available. ​​



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