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Gyrotonic Manhasset Physical Therapy is excited to offer a groundbreaking bone building program called Onero.™ This osteoporosis specific treatment program was founded in 2015 by Dr. Belinda Beck, a world leader in bone health research.


Onero™ is Latin for “load” and that’s what bone needs to maintain or improve its mass. Onero™ is an evidence based high intensity resistance and impact exercise program designed to strengthen bone and muscle and prevent falls.


It’s very exciting to have a proven intervention to offer people who are interested in improving their bone health. We have an exclusive license from The Bone Clinic, the world leading center in clinical bone health, so that you can access the program right here in Manhasset, New York. 


The world leading research team at Griffith University, led by Professor Beck, created the Onero™ design based on what’s known as the LIFTMOR trials.  Dr Beck continues her research projects. The STOP FRACTURE research project aims to providing evidence to enable community resources to access bone health exercise therapy for all populations. Our clinic’s participation as an Onero Licensee contributes data to these ongoing research efforts hence we have a direct line of communication with Dr. Beck and receive real-time updates should they develop.

2018 Wall Street Journal Article

2024 National Geographic Article


Getting Started

Bone building relies on many different factors eg diet, weight bearing exercise/loading bone, vitamin D and medications among others. The Physical Therapists and trainers here at Gyrotonic Manhasset Physical Therapy can design the weight bearing exercise/loading bone component appropriate for you. Please consult your medical specialist and dietitian regarding the other specifics for bone building. We do have some generalized resources from the National Institute of Health in the “client resources” folder for general education.


The Onero™ program is specifically designed for people with low bone mass. Onero™ must be supervised by an accredited Onero™ practitioner to ensure it is delivered safely. The research has shown that you need to do at least 2 bone targeted classes per week to improve your bone mass.


The Program Outline - Steps

1. Initial Assessment Consultation - 55 minutes $195

A physical therapist will perform an initial assessment to create baselines for your strength and function. Please bring your bone density report with you for this initial consult. 

2. In this same session, you will receive  a 1-on-1 training session to teach exercise techniques and ensure you are doing them safely, determine load setting and any modifications that need to be made for you. Sometimes a second 1-on-1 training session may be required.

3. You are now ready to join the classes. These are supervised classes of a maximum of 4 participants. You need to attend at least twice a week for bone growth. You will continue to receive person specific feedback to ensure best and safest outcomes. With guidance, and over time, you will feel confident in the responsibility to setup your own weights. Classes are $47 pay as you go, or $45 with a 10-pack purchase.

4. After you have been following the program for 12 months we reassess your strength and function and recommend another DEXA scan to examine how effective it has been.


2018 Wall Street Journal Article

2024 National Geographic Article



(Please Check the Live Schedule/Payments for real-time info)

Monday 4pm

Tuesday 8am

Wednesday 8am & 1pm 

Friday 8am and 10:30am

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